Make & Take

The Make & Take area contains various art and craft project resources for teachers to create physical instructional tools and hands-on materials.

Our many tools include, but are not limited to:

paints and stamps• Construction Paper
• Poster board
• Ellison Letters & Shapes (die-cuts)
• Transparencies
• Magic Markers
• Paints
• Colored Pencils
• Ink Stamps
• Button Maker
• Lamination Machine
• Learning Resource Idea Books

A photocopy machine is available at the Teacher Center. Each copy is $0.10.

Daily Limits
(How many of each item are you allowed to use per day?)

For members of the Teacher Center, all items used under the daily limits posted below are free. Non-Members who pay the daily fee of $25.00 also have free use of the items posted below if quantities used remain under the daily limits. Some items are only available for purchase; see items marked “Sale Only”.

Daily Limit Additional
Color Printer Pages 15 Pages .28/page
Construction Paper 20 Sheets .10/sheet
Library Pockets 25 Pockets .05/pocket
Buttons 3 Buttons .25/Button
Transparencies 3 Sheets 0.15/piece
Binding Rings Binding Rings 0.05/piece
Index Cards 30 Cards 0.05/piece
Paper Bags 4 Bags .20/bag
Rings – All Sizes 5 Rings .15/Ring
Craft Paper 6 Feet .06/foot
Folder-File 6 Folders .20/folder
Folder-Pocket 6 Folders .35/folder
Poster board 6 Pieces .45/sheet
Envelope (10×13, 6.5×9.5, or 9×12)
6/per size 0.10/piece
Envelope-Letter 6/per size 0.05/piece
CD-Writable Blank Sale Only $2.00/CD
DVD-Writable Blank Sale Only $4.00/DVD
Felt Sheet Sale Only .30/sheet
Felt Sheet w/ Adhesive Sale Only 1.00/sheet
Label-CD Printable Sale Only .30/sheet
Label-Label maker Sale Only .15/inch
Magnetic Sheets w/Adhesive Sale Only 3.00/sheet
Velcro Dots Sale Only .20/dot